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Who Are We?

Flex Data Center is a company founded based upon the idea the colocating your equipment at a secure, reliable data center should not be difficult, unreasonably expensive, or require long-term contracts. The company is owned and operated by industry professionals with decades of data center experience. Despite the fact that Northern Virginia has become more and more populated with various data center providers (competition has increased), it seems as though these providers have become less flexible over the years, requiring longer-term contracts and often requiring their clients to commit to significantly more power than they need. Flex Data Center is here to change that.

What Makes Us Unique?

One of the challenges in designing and running a data center is maximizing revenue and profitability while serving clients with varying power requirements. When a company makes a capital investment in building a data center, it is important to determine how much critical power will be needed for the IT equipment and server load. Secondarily, it is important to determine how much heat will be generated by the "critical load" (IT equipment and servers), and ensure that there will be enough utility power capacity, backup power capacity, and cooling to handle the load. . In short, facilities are built to handle specific power and load requirements. Each additional kW of power capacity increases the build cost.


Commercial data centers are most profitable when they sell all available space and power. In order to do so, most facilities are now requiring certain minimum power commitments per cabinet -- often 5kW of critical usage or greater is required. In cases where they do not require it, facilities are often charging the same price for a cabinet with 2kW of critical power and a cabinet with 5kW.


Once committed to a certain amount of power, data centers offer no downward flexibility. If your power requirements change, it is often impossible to decrease your commitments. Worse than that, if your needs change entirely or you change your colocation and disaster recovery strategy, you are often locked into a multi-year contract.


Flex Data Center has set out to change that. Flex Data Center makes the following options available to our customers:

  • Month-to-Month Data Center Colocation Options

  • Three Month Window Contract (provide notice to us 3 months before you'd like to terminate service)

  • Six Month Window Contract (provide notice to us 6 months before you'd like to terminate service)

  • 1 Year Colocation Contract

  • Longer contract terms available depending on customer requirements.

In addition, Flex Data Center's minimum commitment per cabinet is only 1.92kW of critical power.

Due to our flexibility, Flex Data Center offers the perfect solution for short-term colocation requirements, disaster recovery colocation , staging colocation , and even primary data center colocation for companies whose needs may evolve in the near future.


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