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Flexible Colocation Options

At Flex Data Center, we pride ourselves in offering the most flexible data center and colocation solutions. We offer private locking cabinets (and partial cabinets), along with cage solutions.

Private Locking Cabinet Colocation

Flex Data Center can provide our clients with a full or partial locking cabinet. 24/7 Facility Access is provided in conjunction with private cabinet colocation. The following solutions are available:

  • Quarter Locking Cabinet (10U)

  • Half Locking Cabinet (20U)

  • Full Locking Cabinet (42U)

  • Multiple Full Locking Cabinets

Month-to-month and other short-term contract options are available.

Private Cage Colocation

Flex Data Center can provide private, locking cages. Cages can be provided for as few as 2 racks (or cabinets) and as many as 50-100+ racks/cabinets.

Clients often prefer to put their equipment in a cage, as it provides an added layer of security and allows clients to store spare equipment and replacement parts on-site. There is generally also space available within a cage for a small work area or desk, allowing on-site technicians to work more productively.



Short-term cage contracts are available for cages. This can be useful for data center staging and general equipment staging, or research and development.

Flexible Power Options

Unlike many facilities, that require high minimum power commitments per cabinet, Flex Data Center provides low power density colocation options as well as medium to high power density options.

We offer power densities ranging from 1kW per cabinet all the way up to 15kW per cabinet.

The following power circuit options are most common for our customers.

  • 20A 120VAC Power

  • 30A 120VAC Power

  • 20A 208VAC Power

  • 30A 208VAC Power

  • 20A 208VAC 3-Phase Power

  • 30A 208VAC 3-Phase Power

  • 20A -48DC Power

  • 30A -48DC Power

  • Other options are available -- please contact us if you have any questions.

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