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Temporary Data Center Needs?

Many companies have a need for temporary data center space. Often, this is to setup or "stage" equipment that will be shipped to remote data centers outside of the region, or even outside of the country. It is often most cost-effective for companies to fully configure and test equipment locally prior to shipping it to a remote location.


Flexible Temporary Data Center Solutions

Many data centers require long-term contracts for rack space, cage space, and colocation services. In the spirit of offering the most flexible solutions to our clients, we do not require long-term commitments. Flex Data Center allows contract terms as short as one month.


Our clients have used our Data Center Staging and temporary colocation options for some of these purposes:

  • Testing Equipment

  • Configuring Equipment Locally Prior to Shipping

  • Research and Development

  • Regional Events Requiring Short-Term Data Backup and Storage with Low-Latency Local Access

Clients utilizing our services can take advantage of all of the amenities that Flex Data Center provides, including:

  • Fully redundant power and cooling infrastructure

  • A variety of power circuits available that are not available at most office locations -- including 3-phase power and a DC power plant.

  • Temporary work area and staging spaces

  • Free wifi at the facility

  • Customer work room, with free coffee

  • Close to Reston/Wiehle Metro Station


All of our colocation solutions are available for short-term contracts. If you're interested or have any questions, please contact us.

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